Embark On The Spiritual Journey Of The Romantic Feminine Heart

Initiate into the Tantric Arts

The role of women has been key to shaping modern spirituality. She is the consort, the initiatrix, the priestess. In this program discover the embodied practice of the Yogini, Tantrika, Devadasi and Mystica as you move closer to discovering the Beloved within and without.

Welcome Beloved,

A Love Poem

There is no mortal that can meet the longing of this heart and flesh, for only when this chalice is filled by spirit's intoxication does it know the true communion.

For even in two-bodied love, is it not yet a container for the eternal presence to be tasted between the two lovers?

What does it mean to be a cosmic consort? To be enraptured by existence?

In tantra we choose our relationship with the Divine, whether that of a mother and child, a guru and disciple or a lover and beloved.

When we see the formless Divine as our consort, we court that which is eternal. When we experience pain we recognize it as the truest longing that comes from our separation from this source of love, and we use this pain to again and again call this beloved back into our heart. When we experience pleasure we recognize the reunion of the beloved spirit in the vessel of our flesh. Both pain and pleasure become our dance of love with divinity.

As long as we seek fulfillment from other "vessels" our rapture will be temporary and fleeting and often times leave behind an even greater longing. It is when we recognize that we are each but a chalice that the divine pours itself into when we are empty enough to receive that we come to know true fulfillment. This is the alchemical marriage of spirit and flesh, two becoming one, when we realize the rapture of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram; truth, auspiciousness and beauty.

When our consort is the cosmic divine first and foremost, we then claim the sovereignty needed to have fulfilling relationships here on the earth plane; relationships that are no longer selfish, no longer conditional, no longer tainted by our attempts to fill a hole inside that can ONLY be filled by the omnipresent.

In the rapture of what is, we can open ourselves to that which can truly fill us to the brim, and allow our being to pour forth beauty into the world in devotion to its magnificence, spiraling into the ecstasy of being deeply engaged with life.

How do we live when we are courting life as the beloved, when even the mundane becomes infused with love, tenderness and eroticism?

Reach within beloved, not without, to be embraced by the eternal source of ecstasy.

Module One: Yogini

The Path of Inner Union

Governed by the Goddess Parvati

In Yogini we dive into the path of Yoga, not only as a physical practice, but as a methodology to balance our lunar and solar natures. Yoga is a map towards the union of these energies within us, as mirrored by the cosmos. In this module you will receive foundational yogic practices based on the ancient tradition of Hatha Yoga, or the Union (Yoga) of the Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha). These practices will work with breathing techniques or Pranayama, Asana sequences to worship the solar and lunar energies, such as Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar, spoken invocations or Mantras and Meditation techniques. This module will give the practitioner a much deeper understanding of what it is to be Yogini and to live and embody the path of Yoga.

In this Module:

  • Learn an elemental Puja, or ritual to open each practice invoking the great energy of the Divine Mother Shakti and the supreme consciousness of the Divine Masculine Shiva with mantras and offerings
  • Learn Pranayama techniques to balance the Lunar and Solar energies of the body and create heat or coolness in the body
  • Learn Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar with Mantras as acts of devotion to the sun and moon
  • Learn the closing practice of Meta, or offering to all sentient beings after each practice to consecrate
  • BONUS Practices and Interviews with our Guest Teachers

Module Two: Tantrika

The Marriage of Energy and Consciousness

Governed by the Goddess Kali

In Tantrika we dive into the path of Tantra as a science of expanding our consciousness (Shiva) and liberating our energy (Shakti). The path of Tantra is one of discovering divinity within our humanity; using our 5 senses as gateways and the powerful energy of desire as a catalyzing force in recognizing our divine nature. In this module we will become intimate with the Goddess Shakti, her beloved God Shiva as well as the Chakra system and central channel known as Sushumna that is the bridge between the two. Through the Tantric tools of Mantra or sacred sound, Yantra or light and form, and Deity we will awaken these forces within and become intimate with the divine not as something outside of ourselves, but as the very fabric of our existence. This module will give the practitioner a much deeper understanding of what it is to be Tantrika and to live and embody the path of Tantra.

In this Module:

  • Learn a spinal warm up and Chakra anointing ritual known as Nyasa that uses Mantra and Mudra (hand gesture) to activate the wheels of energy known as Chakras along the central channel of our spines
  • Learn to activate the energy of Shakti through Mantra, Yantra and Meditation
  • Learn to activate the energy of Shiva through Mantra, Yantra and Meditation
  • BONUS Practices and Interviews with our Guest Teachers

Module Three: Devadasi

Dance as a Path of Awakening and Devotion

Governed by the Goddess Lakshmi

In Devadasi we dive into the realm of Bhakti Yoga, or the Yoga of Devotion through the path of Temple Dance. This ancient tradition of India was offered by women who were married to the male deity of the Temple and thus living embodiments of the Goddess. It was through their dance that they merged with their Beloved husband. In this module we will explore the most recent expression of this ancient offering in the now Classical Indian Dance form known as Odissi, as well as modern fusion approaches that maintain this devotional air. This module will give the practitioner a much deeper understanding of what it is to be Devadasi and to live and embody the path of the Temple Dancer.

In this Module:

  • Learn Bhumi Pranam, or the reverential gesture to the earth that consecrates the beginning and ending of devotional dance practice in the Odissi tradition.
  • Learn Mudras or hand gestures and how they are used in Temple Dance
  • Learn traditional Torso, Neck, Eye and Arm movements of Odissi Dance
  • Learn about Bhava, or divine emotion and Rasa or divine flavor and how to bring these principles into your dance
  • Learn a short embodied prayer for all beings with all of the above components
  • BONUS Practices and Interviews with our Guest Teachers

Module Four: Mystica

Accessing the Mystery through the Heart and Womb

Governed by the Goddess Saraswati

In Mystica we begin to release some of our traditional structure in order to meet the Mystery in the present moment. Within Mystica we find the trinity of our wombs, hearts and intellect/intuition as a coherent channel of connection with the Divine in our very bodies. In this module we will dive into the concepts of Lover and Beloved consecrating ourselves for this inner marriage. In Mystica we step into the realms of the Mythos and begin to see life as an exquisite loveplay between form and formless. This module will give the practitioner a much deeper understanding of what it is to be Mystica and to live and embody the path of the Mystic.

In this Module:

  • Learn how to access the Wisdom of the Womb and consecrate this center as the abode of the Divine Feminine
  • Learn how to access our Hridaya, or the Spiritual Heart where the Beloved exists within us through meditation
  • Learn how to connect the channels of the Womb-Heart and Head for vertical alignment between Lover (form) and Beloved (formless)
  • BONUS Practices and Interviews with our Guest Teachers

Module Five: Beloved

The Rapturous Revelation

Governed by the Goddess Lalita

Finally we arrive at the inner marriage, where spirit meets flesh and the great love is consummated! In this module we will explore the wisdom held within the Sri Yantra and the deity Ardhanarisvara, the highest point of Tantra; where Shiva and Shakti exist in one body! In this module we will undergo an inner alchemical marriage of Shiva and Shakti within and learn how to bring the practice of life as the Cosmic Consort out into the world and even in two-bodied practice or dual-cultivation with a partner so that our vertical alignment can also be practiced and channeled into the horizontal realm of our relations to our incarnate Beloveds and all of existence!

In this Module:

  • Learn about the Sri Yantra and the Tantric Goddess Lalita
  • Learn about the deity Ardhanarisvara, or Shiva and Shakti in one body
  • Experience a powerful Tantric Inner Alchemical Marriage between Shiva and Shakti
  • Learn how to bring these practices into dual-cultivation through the practice of Transfiguration
  • Explore the embodiment of the Cosmic Consort as you step out into the world of form and spirit intertwine

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Guest Teachers


Revital Carroll

Revital Carroll is an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher of Classical Indian Dance. She is the founder of Shakti Bhakti School of Dance, author of Mudras of India and the Mudras of Indian Dance Card Deck, and creator of three instructional DVDs: Temple Goddess Workout, Odissi Dance Foundations, and Odissi Dance Spins and Choreography. She studied traditional Odissi Dance in Odisha, India with some of the most eminent dance gurus on the subcontinent. Revital draws her inspiration from the elements of nature, the wisdom of her own body, and the rich spiritual heritage of India. She lives in Northern California and offers Odissi Dance workshops and performances worldwide.

“Revital is not only a captivating dancer, expert instructor, and dedicated to practice, but the very way she lives her life is a constant inspiration. ”

— Nicole Sandleben, Natural chef & Yoga teacher, Portland, OR


Ananda Shakti

Ananda Shakti’s life has been dedicated to discovering how to become Bliss to live in authentic service and devotion to the Divine and to know without a doubt Only Love Is Real. Her great delight is to share the experience of awakening with others who are aspiring to know Love. She has had the immense honour of receiving spiritual initiations and blessings by many great masters in the Americas and in her Beloved India. She is a devotee of the Divine Feminine, Goddess, or Shakti principle and it is in Her service and inspiration that Ananda Shakti acts.

Ananda Shakti has been leading, Sananda yoga teacher training courses since 2004 in Toronto Canada and abroad. She also teaches a specialized form of yoga called Kriya Prayer Flows, which open the body/mind to moods or states that are the foundational pillars of spiritual awakening. Devotion, Faith and Inspiration. The flows are named Bhakti Shakti, Shraddha Shakti, and Divya Shakti.

Ananda Shakti is also an intuitive healer and since 2003 she has specialized in assisting clients to embrace their full potential by identifying and releasing obstructing, fear based, karmic patterns, through Art of Life Karmic Readings. The intuitive readings connecting to higher realms energies, release what is dense, stuck and old from your life. It is truly a life changing experience.. Training as a practitioner in this modality is also offered once a year LIVE online.

Ananda Shakti leads spiritual retreats and tours to choice destinations in the world, for example The Sublime Shakti Tours to India, which are an absolute delight ! A journey through India to the most potent Goddess Temples while learning yoga, meditation and chanting along the way.

She has a history in the music scene and L*O*V*E* POWER is the name of her current band. They play interactive music and kirtan. Merging East and West, Bliss and Dance, Performer and Audience. They believe Music and the Power of Love can turn this world around. Their first CD Love Is Where You Are is available as a download on CD Baby.



Ra Lalita Dasi

Radasi is the founder of Satya Loka, a school of Traditional Tantra and Yoga where she serves as a teacher and facilitator for the school’s teacher training courses, retreats and ongoing support and mentoring services.

Radasi breaths, studies, teaches and loves her deepest passion, and that is to live a life immersed in Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Dance, Devotion and Ritual. Her earlier years set foundation to value a deeper inquiry into life and from being a child there was always an inner calling to explore the more esoteric aspect to existence. She was introduced to Yoga twenty two years ago while she was studying an Advanced Diploma in holistic counselling therapy. Since then she developed as a counselling therapist, a children’s teacher, Reiki Initiate which all serves as a base for her work now as a guide in the expanse of Yoga & Traditional Tantra.

At this time in her life she is closely connected to the direct guidance and Traditional Tantric teachings of Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar. She lives, practices and teaches as one of the senior teachers in the ashram every year to be directly in the presence of Guru.

She met her husband two years ago in the ashram and together they commit to the path through the practice of continued sadhana (spiritual practices) to embody and further teach a tradition of tantra that has kept its authenticity and ancient practices.


Monika Nataraj

Happily not over-identifying with any external "identities", Monika most enjoys dancing the Divine into existence, finding Truth in every breath and sharing this with others. Since 1999, she has lived full time on the road as a "nomadic dancing mystic Shakti adventurer of the soul" studying and practicing with a host of incredible spiritual masters and in turn teaching a bevy of sacred traditions herself for 18 years. Her current manifestations are the result of a deep passion and dedication to movement mysticism, tantric yoga, meditation, travel and community work.

Monika is a pioneer of modern sacred feminine practices and transformational teacher trainings. She is the creatrix of Mystical Dance® and Shakti Spirit®. There are 280+ women from 48 countries to whom Monika has offered 200-hour certifications in the tantric arts. Monika has brought in-person Tantric teachings, Yoga and sacred dance to 24 countries around the globe and to many thousands of people, as she delves into the inner connection of it All. She has journeyed to more than 70 countries across all 7 continents, has embodied varied avocations ranging from professional NYC bellydancer, corporate executive, yoga school co-director, non-profit foundation grant-maker, master scuba diver, teacher trainer, film festival co-founder and Mystical Dancer.

She took the name Nataraj -- Shiva in the dancing form -- to remind her always that consciousness and creativity are eternally moving as One. Monika continues to travel and teach extensively in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, at esteemed retreat centers and in the heart of nature.



Monique Trinity Rose

Monique is a professional dancer and yogini, mother and wife, visionary and mystic, temple dancer and ordained Priestess, ceremony facilitator, costume designer and visual artist, philosopher, and devotee of Truth. She has a BA in Theatre and Dance, is a certified hatha yoga instructor, a host and graduate of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and is a respected pioneer in the realm of Modern Temple Dance fusion arts. As Creatrix of both Ritual Embodiment™ and Dakini Rose Format Temple Fusion Bellydance movement modalities, steward and Priestess of the Dakini Rose Gardens and Temple in Southern Oregon, and Director of the modern temple dance company, the Dakini Rose Devadasi, Monique teaches and performs her artful embodiment transmissions locally and abroad.


Sedona Soulfire

Sedona Soulfire is a present day priestess offering her work in the rich realms of ritual, community circle, cyclical magic, art, movement and DANCE. She shares weekly dance classes, sacred movement workshops and ritual retreats both internationally and locally in Portland, Oregon. In addition to in person events she also offers online resources through her website and online dance studio Datura Online. As an ordained minister and ritual priestess she holds community ceremony and circle and as a performing artist she shares her own synthesis of eastern dance expression. She has been immersed in dance and performing arts her entire life, for the last 15 years having a special focus on eastern dance, yogic traditions and spiritually centered embodiment. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, has been initiated on the priestess path through The 13 Moon Mystery School and studied yoga and sacred dance extensively across the globe. She offers all of her work in honor and celebration of the beauty, magic and connectedness of life itself.



Schirin Chams-Diba

Schirin Chams-Diba is a dancer, yogini, healer, and pilgrim at heart. From a young age, she has followed a distinct call to embark on a life-long journey of healing, adventure, and truth. From a long line of Persian healers and wise women, she has trained intensively in sacred dance, yoga, spiritual lineages, esoteric arts, and herbal medicine.
These skills are branches of the same path, the ‘Path of Feminine Mystics.’ There, Schirin intuited the esoteric commonalities between yoga and various sacred dance forms; their ritualized spirit-infused moving mystery and Kundalini Shakti cultivation. The heart/womb medicine, breath connection, and body/soul wisdom woven into these practices mirror the movements of the elements, the earth and celestial tides. In dance, she witnesses the marriage between Spirit and Form. Bringing together all these riches has led her to develop her method for ‘Essence of the Feminine’.

After years of exploring the world, devoting herself to in-depth study, and shaping her own practice, she feels called to share her skills in service to the greater good. For the past decade, Schirin has taught classes, workshops and retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Bali, India, USA, Guatemala, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Turkey sacred movement medicine through feminine-aligned yoga, sacred medicine dance traditions from the Middle East to India as a transformational and empowering experience, various esoteric traditions seen through the feminine lens, lunar rhythms and holistic lifestyle choices. Whether alone or in a circle of sisters, the practices serve the experience of connection, naturally arising wisdom, intuition, vitality, creativity, healing and joy.


Shona Keeli

Shona Keeli Jones is the founder The Rose Lineage Mystery School, A Mystery School for The Venusian Temple Arts, She is a Rose Empress Initiator and Gifted Womb Oracle.

Shona is present in this time of awakening to support the budding, blossoming, and blooming of the divine expression and exploration of the inner power through The Trinity of the Holy Grail. The sacred heart, the holy womb center, and the yoni ( vagina ) – these three spaces are the birthplace of all creation and they carry the most pristine untapped erotic energy available to women. By supporting women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love, thus opening the temple gates for a magical manifestation of the most pleasurable and authentic life.

She is here to support women awaken to the throne of their inner Queendom. Shona is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Rose Consciousness, The Sophia Christ healing that is bringing balance back to the planet at this time. Holding an impeccable space for exquisite hands on healings, supporting women to surrender into self-love, and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential.

Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Lemurian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Mayan and Tantric traditions.


Get Started On The Journey Now

About Your Primary Instructor Halo Seronko

Halo Seronko is a teacher of feminine embodied awakening who brings a deep wisdom and love of lineage and tradition onto the dynamic stage of the modern world. Halo has been teaching Tantra, Temple Dance and the Taoist Feminine Arts for 8 years and in 2015 she founded the online and international school Shakti Temple Arts. She has led multiple international retreats including Tantra of Temple Dance in Guatemala, Path of the Mystica in Greece, Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage in India and day long immersions in Australia, Italy, India, Costa Rica and the USA. She has created two rich online courses into the Taoist Feminine Arts and the Divine Realms of Tantra and has initiated hundreds of women into these profound paths.

Halo has been passionate about the place where embodiment and spirit meet for as long as she can remember. This passion has lead her on a profound path of study, practice, pilgrimage and teaching.

Her first teacher in embodiment arts was her father Willow Seronko who introduced her to Taoism, Tai Chi and Qigong from the ripe age of 14. Since then she has never ceased her seeking and development in the sacred arts. Halo has lived between the holy land of India and the USA for the past decade. In her journeys she has sat at the feet of many masters and received initiation into both the Kaishmir Shaivist and Sri Vidya lineages of Tantra through Agama Yoga in 2011 and Devipuram in 2014. She continues to study and practice in Sri Vidya Shakta Tantra under the guidance of her current teacher. With dance as a central part of her journey, Halo has trained countless hours in a Classical Indian Dance form born of the Temples of East India called Odissi and was part of the sacred dance troupe Dakini Rose Devadasi for many years. These experiences infused her development of what she coined Shakti Temple Dance. During that time she was also initiated into the 13 Moon Mystery School under its founder, Ariel Spilsbury. In 2018 Halo officially received a Yoga Alliance certification as a teacher of Tantra Yoga from Satya Loka School of Traditional Tantra and Yoga. All of these threads weave into her unique flavor of teaching, building a bridge from the mundane to the mystical for all who attend her courses.

I am here to guide you back to your true power, radiant beauty and indwelling divinity so that you can live mythically, in your purpose, and be the change that only the awakened feminine can bring.


Samsara Deleon

"Halo laid out the grounds in the exquisitely curated course of the Cosmic Consort. I was taken on a journey in the embodiment of Shakti through a traditional yogic lens and practice. In the modern age of neo-tantra, we lose the richness of the origins and what the lineage has to offer. Halo gives a timeless approach, and I am a proud supporter of the philosophy and teachings she brings to her students. Not to mention, she holds such a space where every woman feels seen, heard, and loved. Devotion is her embodiment. If you’re looking for a full-bodied, heart, mind and soul-enriching experience, Halo is the perfect feminine guide for you."

Keeva Ciana

"The Cosmic Consort was not just an invitation but indeed a calling from the deep feminine to step into the mystical and unknown.. an initiation into the inner realms of discovery and outer landscapes of connecting with the elementals.. an all encompassing journey of transformation, opening and surrendering into devotion and embodiment of love and the beloved. Halo gifted me her crystal clear guidance, authentic practices, immense support and deep wisdom to navigate my journey in the most wonderful unfolding that will continue for a lifetime.. With much gratitude and appreciation ..thank you Halo!"

Hailey Sanura

"Halo's strength as a teacher is that she imbues whatever she is teaching with a sense of sacred awe. Her every word is seeped in reverence and it is impossible to not be transported into a mystical state of present awareness. She gives her whole heart to her students. Her practices are authentic and will bring about transformative experiences. his can be a vulnerable process and Halo is right there by your side to support your individual process. Just thinking about my experiences in retreat with her makes my heart beam with overwhelming joy. The ripple effect of these profound moments of ritual, dance, meditation and yoga are tools I have access to in my life anytime to bring me grace."

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Can I teach this after taking this course?

Good question! As these teachings take time to integrate properly this course is an initiation and not a teacher training. That means you are receiving new tools for your own personal wellness. If you are interested in teaching you can join the Temple of Shakti Mentorship and Leadership Programs

Are refunds available if I change my mind or don't like the course?

Because you will have immediate access to all downloadable content refunds are not available. Please be sure you are ready to commit to this life-changing course!

Course Dedication

This offering is dedicated to that fierce yearning in the heart that is the intense and beautiful desire for union. The impulse for us to look deeper, to reach higher and to attempt to taste the sweetness of the eternal on our mortal lips. To that which inspires us to seek something larger than ourselves.

This offering is dedicated to the many teachers, muses and companions who have guided me, inspired me and been sweet kin along the way. Each woman featured in this course is one of my great allies on the path and I bow in deep reverence and gratitude for their presence here.

Finally, this course is dedicated to the beloved land and culture of India, for without her great influence in my life and spiritual journey this would not have been birthed. She has been my greatest mirror, teacher, beloved and muse in my own exploration of the divine. I am humbly just scratching the surface of her great wisdom, and offering but a sip from her timeless well that others may find the immense beauty that I have received by her grace and journey deeper should their souls similarly feel the ringing of the temple bell within.

In great respect, honor and reverence I bow to the lines of remembrance featured in this offering and to their holy land of birth, Mother India.

May all beings find their way home to that sweet space of union where spirit meets the flesh..