Take An Embodied Journey Into The Tantra Of Temple Dance To Alight The Goddess Within

Enter in Beloved,

Take your seat in the circle of devotion,

Allow the flame of your heart to ignite,

Throw your whole self in to this love divine!

Remember the sweetness of your essence,

And offer it onto the altar

Of the One who dances through you.

Become both the lover and the Beloved

Of this one precious life.

Study Sacred Dances From around the World at Home

As the Sacred Feminine rises in our consciousness and hearts, we are remembering the ways of the Temple Priestess. The ancient art of Temple Dance is rebirthing as we reclaim the Sacred Feminine arts, igniting our Shakti. As Temple Dancers we are translators of the Divine, living the Goddess through the embodiment of Beauty, Grace, Power and Devotion.

Join Halo Seronko of Shakti Temple Arts on a journey of dance from the ancient Temples of India, to modern fusion of sacred lineages, to the intuitive realms of the deep feminine.

Deepen into the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine and the role of the Temple Priestess through ceremony and embodiment practices.

Odissi Dance

Odissi dance is a classical dance form from the state of Orissa India with roots in the Devadasi, or Temple Dance traditions of the Jugannath and Krishna Temples. If you were to journey to this state, you would see the carvings of the temple dancers upon the temple walls in luxurious postures of swooning devotion. It is from the dances of the Devadasi and the carvings on the temple walls that the now classical art form of Odissi came to be.

Odissi retains it's deeply spiritual nature as a bridge between the form and formless, an offering of beauty transporting dancer and audience alike into the realms of the divine. It's practice seamlessly weaves the softness of devotion with the strength of discipline. It is thus an incredibly holistic practice nourishing all levels of being from the physical to the spiritual. As such this dance form is very much connected to the wisdom of the Yoga traditions.

Shakti Temple Dance

Shakti Temple Dance is an alchemical fusion dance in which we explore the art and offering of dance as a means of devotion. In ancient dance traditions, dance was used as a means of communing with the Beloved; the formless spirit that exists within the vessel of form that is the body. In Shakti Temple Dance we work with archetypal and elemental themes within ancient and modern dance forms in order to commune with the Beloved within and without, and to offer the beauty of our art in devotion to the Divine as a moving prayer.

We will be drawing on techniques from Classical Indian Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Kalbeliya Folk Dance and Mystical Persian Dance.

In Shakti Temple Dance, we empty that we may be filled, we offer that we may be received, and we dance that we may become one with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Tantric Dance Ritual Inspired by the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power ® by Vajra Ma

The Temple of Shakti resides within the womb of every woman. In this powerful ritual dance we release any concepts of form and structure and dive deeply into the impulse of the womb. Following the serpentine pleasure that arises from this space we begin to move fully informed by this mysterious and powerful energy that resides within in order to heal, to magnetize, to transmit and to expand into our fullest energetic potential as women.

Program Includes:

Over 16 hours of dance practice

Lecture on the history of the Devadasi, or Temple dance tradition

Handouts with mudras and dance prayers

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Your Instructor

Halo Seronko Halo Seronko is a teacher of feminine embodied awakening who brings a deep wisdom and love of lineage and tradition onto the dynamic stage of the modern world. Halo has been teaching Tantra, Temple Dance and the Taoist Feminine Arts for 8 years and in 2015 she founded the online and international school Shakti Temple Arts. She has led multiple international retreats including Tantra of Temple Dance in Guatemala, Path of the Mystica in Greece, Sublime Shakti Pilgrimage in India and day long immersions in Australia, Italy, India, Costa Rica and the USA. She has created two rich online courses into the Taoist Feminine Arts and the Divine Realms of Tantra and has initiated hundreds of women into these profound paths.

Halo has been passionate about the place where embodiment and spirit meet for as long as she can remember. This passion has lead her on a profound path of study, practice, pilgrimage and teaching.

With dance as a central part of her journey, Halo has trained countless hours in a Classical Indian Dance form born of the Temples of East India called Odissi. She has studied under the lineage of Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra with the legendary Sujata Mohapatra and her disciples Colleena Shakti, Sonali Mishra and Revital Carroll. Her first guru was Padma Charan Dehury. Halo was part of the sacred dance troupe Dakini Rose Devadasi directed by Monique Trinity Rose for many years which presented classical and contemporary sacred dance theater featuring Tribal and Indian Fusion Belly Dance as well as Odissi. Most recently Halo has been diving into Central Asian dance with her teacher Miriam Peretz. These experiences have infused her development of what she coined Shakti Temple Dance, a weaving of sacred dance lineages from the East.


Arpita Hackenberg

"The 1-week Shakti Temple Dance Retreat with Shakti Temple Arts was an absolute yummy delight for my Heart! I've learned so much in this short time and embraced more deeply the Truth of the Embodied Goddess I am here to be. Halo's dedication and passion for the Sacred and the Path of the Temple Dancer, as well as the skill and care she holds space with, is truly inspiring and graceful. I am looking forward to experiencing more of her work, next time hopefully for longer. Thank you, sweet Devi, for all you've shared with us! Jai Ma!"

Carmen Maria Jacaj

"I am still sipping in the sweet nectar of the retreat...allowing it to slowly integrate deep with in my being. I feel a deep healing has been activated and is stillin the process of integrating at a deep core level with in me. I personally felt a deep connection to the womb yoga and meditations...it felt sacred, nurturing and healing. I am also drawn to continue studies with the intuitive dance and mediation rituals that guide us women to connect and deeply experience the Sacred Feminine. When I saw the link for this retreat my immediate response was Yes! I am glad I had no hesitation and felt the call deep within me. Halo's presence and skills assisted everyone to reach their point of authentic affirmation and declaration!! It has been an honor to journey with her into various depths of the Sacred Feminine."

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Can I teach this after taking this course?

Good question! As these teachings take time to integrate properly this course is an initiation and not a teacher training. That means you are receiving new tools for your own personal wellness. If you are interested in teaching you can join the Temple of Shakti Mentorship and Leadership Programs

Are refunds available if I change my mind or don't like the course?

Because you will have immediate access to all downloadable content refunds are not available. Please be sure you are ready to commit to this life-changing course!

Let's Dance!